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Nuclei v2.3.7 - 10 May 2021

  • Improvements to interactsh integration
  • Fixed fatal error with interactsh client

Nuclei v2.3.6 - 4 May 2021

Nuclei v2.3.5 - 28 April 2021

  • Fix for not setting custom user agent in templates by @yabeow
  • Fix for missing IP in the JSON when URLs contain hostname:port by @seb-elttam
  • Fix for temporary file cleanups

Nuclei v2.3.4 - 2 April 2021

  • Added improved template exclusion support using tags.
  • Fixed errors listing with excluded templates.

Nuclei v2.3.3 - 1 April 2021

  • Fixed a bug with .nuclei-ignore file update
  • Fixed a bug and removed random-agent flag (now used as default)

Nuclei v2.3.2 - 22 March 2021

  • Added markdown export to disk in the reporting module (-de reports)
  • Fixed body length error with report integration module.
  • Fixed matched counter bug in metrics endpoint.
  • Fixed config file parser bug.
  • Fixed bug with nuclei-ignore file.
  • Fixed a bug with stats counter.
  • Fixed a bug with running newly added templates (-nt flag)
  • Fixed a but making all workflows to run on running single workflow
  • Fixed panic crash with DNS module.
  • Fixed a bug to exclude timestamp when no-meta flag is used.
  • Fixed crash when running with a non-root user.

Nuclei v2.3.1 - 14 March 2021

  • Fixed a bug with severity flag parsing
  • Fixed panic crash with http status codes
  • Fixed retries in DNS requests failing
  • Added exclude-tags/etags support, dos tag will be excluded as default.
  • Added support to severity using tags, (-tags low,high)
  • Added issue-tracker-config file

Nuclei v2.3.0 - 10 March 2021

  • Added Headless chrome based templates support
  • Added Network based (TCP) support.
  • Added File based template support.
  • Added HTTP Request clusterning for similar paths.
  • Added Tag based template execution.
  • Added Config file support.
  • Added passive support for HTTP based templates.
  • Added w/workflows to only run workflow based templates
  • Added Request condition support.
  • Added Support for system resolvers.
  • Added Rxpressions package + expressions support to network protocols
  • Added Hex encoding support in matchers
  • Added Dns fallback support
  • Added Missing rawhttp option override
  • Added TLS protocol test
  • Added Parallelism to workflows
  • Added Simple json based http metrics support
  • Added Helper functions to payloads
  • Added r flag to allow users usage of custom resolvers
  • Added Support for http response redirect chain print and match
  • Added max http body resp size option
  • Added Jira,Github,Gitlab issue tracker integration to nuclei
  • Added goflags library support.
  • Added reworked generators package
  • Moved colorizer stuff to pkg/output
  • Moved tracefile to pkg/output + misC
  • Fixed output endpoint in unsafe request without host header
  • Fixed multiple bugs with rawhttp
  • Fixed rawhttp header formatting issues
  • Fixed raw http newline formatting
  • Fixed a bug with workflows
  • Fixed a bug with request count.
  • Fixed underscore in header names for kval matcher
  • Fixed path & port parsing for raw requests

Nuclei v2.2.0 - 20 Nov 2020

  • Added Turbo intruder support for fuzzing
  • Added HTTP pipeline support for fuzzing
  • Added Connection pooling support for fuzzing
  • Added Raw HTTP support for malformed HTTP requests.
  • Added support for Race condition testing
  • Added Ā§variableĀ§ marker for fuzzing
  • Added stats in multithreaded requests (fuzzing)
  • Added YAML syntax support for workflows
  • Added Project file support for request reuse
  • Added global rate limit support
  • Added burp collaborator support
  • Added hmap for reducing memory uses
  • Added clistats in place of a progress bar
  • Added support to DSL matcher to match each unique request
  • Added trace log (-trace-log) support
  • Added -templates-version flag to list template version
  • Added -no-meta flag to ignore meta information
  • Added dynamic field support in the template info block
  • Added bulk-size flag
  • Added response time support to DSL
  • Added type to specify type of request
  • Added mmh3 hashing support in helper functions
  • Added shared resolver cache among various HTTP clients
  • Added fuzzing payloads output values to json output
  • Added .nuclei-ignore file from current working directory
  • Added comments support in .nuclei-ignore file
  • Added stop-at-first-match flag
  • Added flag to disable host header and content length
  • Added host information in the JSON response by @savushkin-yauheni
  • Updated flag nC to no-color
  • Updated flag json-requests to include-rr
  • Updated flag pbar to stats
  • Fixed a bug with ignoring paths in the input file by @vzamanillo
  • Fixed a bug with raw requests redirect
  • Fixed a bug with debug flag to display post body
  • Fixed a panic with trace log

Nuclei v2.1.1

  • Added negative matcher support
  • Added support for severity based filtering with severity flag by @manuelbua
  • Added support for template exclusions with exclude flag by @manuelbua
  • Added .nuclei-ignore file support
  • Added rate limit per host with rlflag by @CasperGN
  • Added template list support with tl flag by @vzamanillo
  • Added template name field in JSON output by @vzamanillo
  • Added color support for severity by @vzamanillo
  • Added Progress bar support with the silent flag by @vzamanillo
  • Added support for using local templates along with nuclei-templates
  • Added template preloading at the start of the scan
  • Added support for golangci lint by @vzamanillo
  • Added JSON output support for DNS templates by @Marmelatze
  • Added centralize template loaded info message, add output coloring by @manuelbua
  • Added template ID on HTTP request error message @vzamanillo
  • Added severity information in the output by @vzamanillo
  • Added match groups support in regex extractor
  • Fixed a failed request error on multiple URLs
  • Fixed a bug with helper function by @organiccrap
  • Fixed a bug with port conflict input with URLs and templates by @vzamanillo
  • Fixed a bug with Workflow detecting No Results by @vzamanillo
  • Fixed inconsistent output printing in the terminal
  • Fixed No JSON output with workflows
  • Fixed a bug with matches when multiple headers with the same name by @CasperGN
  • Fixed No result found problem with and condition by @Marmelatze
  • Fixed an issue with all matched part by @rykkard
  • Updated nuclei-templates current and outdated messages
  • Updated template loading UI message by @vzamanillo

Nuclei v2.1.0

  • Nuclei engine rework.
  • Added Progress bar with live results by @manuelbua
  • Added multiple input template support by @manuelbua
  • Added in-template cookie reuse
  • Added key-value supported extractor
  • Added dynamic extraction and reuse
  • Added coloring support in output results by @manuelbua
  • Added wild-card template input support by @wdahlenburg
  • Fixed relative path issue with payloads.
  • Fixed dockerfile go version.

Nuclei v2.0.4

  • Better error handling for templates by @manuelbua
  • Fixed an issue with release binary.

Nuclei v2.0.3

  • Fixed bugs in raw-requests.
  • Fixed update template issue.

Nuclei v2.0.2

  • Fixed an issue with failed requests.

Nuclei v2.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with DSL helper function.
  • Fixed error with auto-updates Github rate limit.
  • Fixed defaults to OR condition when no condition is specified.

Nuclei v2.0.0

  • Fixed raw requests newlines and allow blank request path.
  • Added relative path and auto-template fetching support from installed directory.
  • Added single target support.
  • Added json output support.
  • Chained workflow support with conditions etc.
  • Added template updates feature with auto-updates, etc.
  • Fixed blank output file bug.

Nuclei v1.1.7

  • Added better verbose and debug modes.
  • Inform user and no output file in case of 0 results.

Nuclei v1.1.6

  • Updated default user-agent to include project details

Nuclei v1.1.5

  • Added intruder like support (sniper/pitchfork/clusterbomb)
  • Fuzzing with DSL helpers
  • Fixed bug in body decompression
  • Added global headers via CLI

Nuclei v1.1.4

  • Small improvements.
  • General Fixes.

Nuclei v1.1.3

  • Complex DSL queries
  • Raw requests
  • Proxy (http/socks5)

Nuclei v1.1.2

  • Fixed a bug with DNS requests and output file.

Nuclei v1.1.1

  • Massive code refactor, conditions support + stdin input bug fix.
  • DNS requests support
  • Binary Matcher support
  • Conditional redirects support within templates.

Nuclei v1.1.0

  • Fixed go.mod issue
  • Added extractors for custom text extraction from templates
  • Fixed a bug with default headers

Nuclei v1.0.1

  • Fixed go.mod file issue

Nuclei v1.0.0

  • Initial Release