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Helper Functions

Helper functions

Here is the list of all supported helper functions can be used in the RAW requests / Network requests.

Helper function Description Example
len Length of a string len("Hello")
toupper String to uppercase toupper("Hello")
tolower String to lowercase tolower("Hello")
replace Replace string parts replace("Hello", "He", "Ha")
replace_regex Replace string parts with regex replace_regex("test", "regextomach", "replacewith")
trim Remove trailing unicode chars trim("aaaHelloddd", "ad")
trimleft Remove unicode chars from left trimleft("aaaHelloddd", "ad")
trimright Remove unicode chars from right trimleft("aaaHelloddd", "ad")
trimspace Remove trailing spaces trimspace(" Hello ")
trimprefix Trim specified prefix trimprefix("aaHelloaa", "aa")
trimsuffix Trim specified suffix trimsuffix("aaHelloaa", "aa")
reverse Reverse the string reverse("ab")
base64 Encode string to base64 base64("Hello")
base64_py Encode string to base64 like python (with new lines) base64_py("Hello")
base64_decode Decode string from base64 base64_decode("SGVsbG8=")
url_encode URL encode a string url_encode("hxxps://")
url_decode URL decode a string url_decode("")
hex_encode Hex encode a string hex_encode("aa")
hex_decode Hex decode a string hex_decode("6161")
html_escape HTML escape a string html_escape("test")
html_unescape HTML unescape a string html_unescape("<body>test</body>")
md5 Calculate md5 of string md5("Hello")
sha256 Calculate sha256 of string sha256("Hello")
sha1 Calculate sha1 of string sha1("Hello")
mmh3 Calculate mmh3 of string mmh3("Hello")
contains Verify if a string contains another one contains("Hello", "lo")
regex Verify a regex versus a string regex("H([a-z]+)o", "Hello")
rand_char Pick a random char among charset (optional, default letters and numbers) avoiding badchars (optional, default empty) rand_char("charset", "badchars")
rand_char Pick a random sequence of length l among charset (optional, default to letters and numbers) avoiding badchars (optional, default empty) rand_base(l, "charset", "badchars")
rand_text_alphanumeric Pick a random sequence of length l among letters and numbers avoiding badchars (optional) rand_text_alphanumeric(l, "badchars")
rand_text_alpha Pick a random sequence of length l among letters avoiding badchars rand_text_alpha(l, "charset")
rand_text_numeric Pick a random sequence of length l among numbers avoiding badchars rand_text_numeric(l, "charset")
rand_int Pick a random integer between min and max rand_int(min, max)
waitfor block the logic execution for x seconds waitfor(10)
collab Checks if burp collaborator interactions contains a particular pattern collab("")